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I give it all up
I give it all up,
These feelings that belong to me
I give it all up
So that you will hopefully see
So what will I get if I leave here today
And leave you here, leave you here,
Will I get to live my life, and have something to say
To you my dear, you my dear
I give it all up
This protective shell I've made
I give it all up
And ask you to remove your blade
So what should I do, that keeps me with you
And not in fear, not in fear
What should I give that binds me to you
To you my dear, you my dear
I give it all up
These feelings of self dismay
I give it all up
To see what is now left to say
And in the end we're still turning
And my head feels like it's burning
And my blood is ferociously pumping
Through my broken heart
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My Record
My record was broken it would not play,
Its damaged groves were scored and marred your ears,
I replaced the sleeve and hid it away,
Hoping I could displace your anxious fears.
Your dispassion destroyed me, I withdrew,
To find more ways to accommodate you,
But retraction had the opposite action
That caused the basis of your detraction.
Passions died without its serrated sound
To purge and prompt my unorthodox ways;
My record was hidden, not to be found
Instead I bore an uneasy malaise.
And now your needle has scratched my surface
Prompting me to replay my long lost friend
The tool and pleasure I should not debase
The bounty for which this sonnet I penned.
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Our Marriage
Sunny days holding hands
Spending time together without demands
running my hands through your radiant strands
Making our resplendent plans
Feeling free to walk in silence
Ranting without wanting guidance
Knowing our meeting was pure chance
The Rainbow connection was our first dance
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Luscious, well defined;
My eyes aflame with desire!
Divine derrière.
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Love Is
Love is caring, love is kind
Love is stronger than the ties that bind.
We must remember
What's yours is mine
We must remember
To give each other time.
Love is daring, love is blind
Love is always important and never declined.
We must remember
To always shine
We must remember
To give each other time.
Love is giving, love outshines
Love is sharing your most important gift, your time.
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Even when you are near
Sometimes I miss you
Even when you are near
Sometimes I will kiss you
Despite all the tears
My love is unfailing
I give you my all
My love is always growing
Even when hard times fall
Sometimes you are here
But not there at all
Sometimes I fear
You won't answer my call
My love is unfailing
I give you my all
My love is unending
Even when hard times fall
My fears are unfounded
But other fears appear
I can still feel the distance
Even when you are near.
My love is unfailing
Please don't take it all
My love please stop waning
Just because hard times fall. 
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A Constant Distraction
I lay and wonder if you think of me
Wonder if your mind is part of mine.
You're quiet and distant when you're away
So far that you're out of time.
A constant distraction is what you are
Constantly distraction is what you became
You can't see what you have done to me
You don't hear me when I scream your name.
I wonder why you don't see me
And refuse to take my place
I wonder what it could be
That keeps you from looking at my face.
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More from life
I wish so much to take more from life
To be able to say that I did my time
But I am restricted by a lonesome knife
That I hold to no other throat but mine.
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Vampires on the prowl
Vampire feet walking to a lonely beat
Along the road of darkened souls they meet
And discover a taste they find so replete
A lonesome teen, an emo who was truly a geek
His gargled screams fuelled their bloody craze
They tore deeply and furthered their rage
His anguish lined their hearts like words on a page
Written in the Tongue of a long lost age
His was a story no longer to be told
A fateful night in the grisly cold
When a startled teen was fatally mauled
Devoured by the dark powers of old
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I miss simplicity
I miss simplicity
I miss lonely walks
With you in the twilight
Dreaming of distant tomorrows
That on closer inspection
Are not what what they seemed.
I wish we could agree
I wish we could talk
Deep into the night
Discussing distant tomorrows
That will come true
And be all we dreamed.
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Burn with fire
My heart is yours
But my head burns with fire
Fire from the tears I bear
Fire from the senseless mire
That pollutes a loving heart beyond repair.
Why can't you be mine
And burn with the intense fire
The fire that shows you care
The fire that will never tire
And will consume all we share.
We appear to break away
From the ever changing fire
A fire dampened with despair
A fire lacking in desire
Of which you swear you are unaware.
Hy heart is yours
Why can't you be mine
We appear to break away
But i wish you would stay
And burn wiu me in the fire
Until we finally expire.
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Who do i see?
I saw your photo today,
I wished it would go away.
It wasn't the face I knew,
But then again who are you?
Your ID constantly fluctuates
As you negate what frustrates
And ask me to suit your mood
When each time I look you're renewed.
Why do I give you my all
When you have tue self serving gall
To reduce my needs and desires
Into whims of long charred fires.
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The true saving grace of humanity
Is inherent in its morality.
It is a strength and a burden
That cannot be forgiven.
Life provides the insight,
But living leads you to the light.
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Sullen Door
A sullen door foreshadows
What once was with the
Echo of who we were.
It hangs on broken hinges
And screams in the wind;
Bracing itself against the future,
But fighting with the present.
Memories hold it firm,
But then scatter in the breeze
As we dance under the moon.
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My heart breathes and chokes
On the tendrils of caustic fog
That permeate from the
Pinnacle of manmade power.
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The Unending Glare
Each day in the sun counts
For a week under laden skies
Yet we are loathe to admit
That the cool cleansing darkness
Is where we would dwell
And forsake the unending glare
Of the day god Solaris.
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Love Bites
What do you do
when the pain inside
is just too much?
No outlet is big enough?
No tear powerful enough?
No words strong enough
to whisk the pain away.
All except you,
my old friend…
How I've missed
your cold steal teeth
biting at my wrist,
your slender black neck
fitting powerfully in my hand,
ready to exorcize the pain
through your crude bite marks.
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Last Time
I can feel his eyes on me
Boring into my back
Eyes, sharp and bright
Reminiscent of glacier ice
Or diamonds cut and polished
I can feel the heat between my shoulder blades
I keep my back to him
I don't want my tear stained eyes
To meet his lustrous, malicious depth
But this outer shell has grown thin
So blinded by the salty wetness
That rushes down my cheek
To the corners of my mouth
Feeling of vulnerability coming over me
No, can't be
Tilt my head to the side
The desire to stare into those eyes
Just one more time
That gaze, so gorgeous
The only thing he's ever really known
That gaze, so gorgeous
Yet numbingly cold
I'm leaving, it's over
I can't do this anymore
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Stranger in Your Mind
Stranger in your mind.
I am a blurred vision that is clouded by your anger,
I am the monotone voice of a consience.
The good and the bad,
the halo and horns,
the red and white.
I am the one who helps you breath,
I am the one who is there at one point and gone the next,
I am the one who gives you these scars,
I am the one that tells you to stop.
I am the blood from razor sharpe kisses.
The look of strawberry,
but the taste of metal.
I am the one that makes the journey down your lips and drip of your chin,
the tickling but burning sensation.
I am the one that is contaminated and contagious.
I am the one who helps you breath.
I am the one who is there at one point and gone the next,
I am the one who gives you these scars,
I am the one that tells you to stop.
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Darkly Devising A New Insanity
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Wow, just uploaded a few poems, a bit cathartic!

Problem is I've written them over the past year or so, so I bearly know what some of them were about.... doh!


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